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We know booking a large number of rooms can be a logistical nightmare! But it needn’t be.

  1. Do I have to pay for all of the rooms?
  2. How do I manage multiple rooming lists?
  3. Do I have to create spreadsheets with all of the different rooms?
  4. Once I sign the contract am I liable to pay for all of the rooms?
  5. What happens if all of my guests/staff don’t book?
  6. What about the guests checking-in and out on different dates?
  7. What if I want my guests/clients to pay for their own rooms?
  8. What if I don’t have the company credit card with me?

Whatever type of group or event it is, we can manage hotel rooms for everyone!

Whether it’s one large group booking being paid for by one person or company, or a block booking where guests will be paying individually, our clever technology can take all the hassle away.

  • Guests can book individually online as part of the group;
  • Individual guests can pay themselves or their booking can be billed to the group account;
  • A dedicated easy-to-use and secure booking site just for your group or event;
  • We fully customise your site to match your group or the booking engine can sit directly on your website if you have one;
  • Alternatively, your Event Manager can take care of your large booking completely offline.

We only ever recommend hotels and venues where we know your group will be happy, and we can take care of travel, trips, tours, restaurant, theatre bookings and more as well.

Not only is our group booking service completely free, but we’re also able to negotiate cheaper hotel rates than if you were to make the bookings yourself due to our longstanding relationships with hotels and venues worldwide.

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